We’re excited to offer tiered pricing on StarChefs JobFinder. Management and executive positions are $95 to $150, and jobs needing the most love are $50 or less. We’ve provided pricing guidelines below and will work to make sure your openings get the attention they need!

After updating our pricing options, we’ve also modified our bulk-purchase choices. You can buy individual jobs, 5-packs, and credit to use at a later time.

Our goal is to connect industry professionals with qualified candidates. To achieve this, we want to work with you enhance your postings with restaurant photos, targeted language, and by ensuring your post reaches your targeted audience.

Our Pricing Options:

(Current as of April 17, 2017)

Add to your wallet

Add funds to your wallet to use at a later time. Purchased jobs will automatically deduct from your account.


Purchase a single want ad

Pricing Jobs*
$50 Associate Food Editor, Bartender, Brewer, Charcutier, DJ, Food Stylist, Host/Hostess, Journalist/Food Writer, Line Cook, Maitre D’, Pastry Cook, Publicist, Recipe Tester/Developer, Roaster, Sommelier
$95 Assistant chef, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, Assistant Sous Chef, Baker, Beverage Director, Bookkeeper/Accountant, Business Development, Butcher, Chef de Partie, Decorator, Garde Manger Chef, Kitchen Manager, Off-Site Chef, Pastry Chef, Purchasing/Operations, Sales Manager, Sous Chef
$150 Banquet Chef, Brand Management, Captain, Caterer, Chef de Cuisine, Chef/Partner, Corporate Chef, Culinary School Instructor, Executive Chef, Executive Management, Executive Pastry Chef, Executive Sous Chef, Food & Beverage Manager, General Manager, Head Chef, Marketing, Private Chef, Restaurant for Sale, Sushi Chef, Wine Director, Working Executive Chef
Free Administrative Assistant, Apprentice, Barback, Barista, Busser, Cashier, Coat Checker, Concierge, Dishwasher, Intern, Prep Cook, Reservationist, Runner, Server, Stagiaire

*Postings active for 30 consecutive days.


Purchase a Posting Pack

Pricing Posting Pack**
$237 (5% savings) 5 Pack of $50 Jobs
$427 (10% savings) 5 Pack of $95 Jobs
$637 (15% savings) 5 pack of $150 Jobs

**Job Pack good for one year. Individual job postings do not have to be simultaneous and are active for 30 consecutive days.