How will I be invoiced for my order?

We have three options for purchasing a job listing:

  1. Pay for a single job posting at the time of purchase
  2. Pay for a 5-pack of job postings at the time of purchase, after submitting one completed posting. At this time, jobs packs are only available for jobs in the same pricing tier.
  3. Fill your wallet and pay as you go. Your wallet holds your JobFinder credits, and the value of any jobs posted will be automatically deducted.


When will my job be posted?

Once you submit and purchase an ad, we give it a once over to make sure all the links work and there are no typos. We want to ensure you’re reaching your targeted audience, so if we have any questions or suggestions we’ll  reach out before approving the ad. We’ll reach out once the ad is live.


I am looking to hire for multiple positions. What do you suggest?

We publish one job type per ad. This increases your chances of targeting the correct audience per post and will increase candidate interaction.


We are a multi-unit operation. Do you have options for me?

Of course! We created an interface that houses both parent and sub-accounts to ease payment options and credit dispersion. Parent accounts can create sub-accounts as needed, and can give each sub account credit from the parent wallet or jobs.


I need some assistance with my ad content

Please refer to our Top Tips guide.


How long are the ads live?

30 days. You can use appropriate credits to repost an ad.


Do posts need to be based in the United States?

Not at all. We have jobs from all over the world.


If I buy a job pack, do I need to post all the jobs at one time?

No, job packs last for 1 year. Each job will be active for 30 consecutive days.


My credit card won’t process

There are a number of reasons your transaction won’t process, but here are a few common reasons:


Credit or debit cards will be declined if there are insufficient funds in the associated bank account

Mismatched address

The billing address you enter during payment must be associated with the card you are using. The address must be identical to those that appear on the bank records

Incorrect Card or CVV Number

Try re-entering the number. The number may have been typed incorrectly. If you’re still having issues please reach out to or 212.966.7575.

I need help!

We’re here. Reach out at or 212.966.7575.