About Southern Proper Hospitality

Southern Proper Hospitality is an entrepreneurial organization that values innovation, creativity and attention to detail. The mission of the team of industry leading professionals is to help shape the cultural fabric of Atlanta and beyond by doing nothing short of changing people lives in an outside of our walls. Southern Proper provides a "short term escape" for diners by creating unique and distinct dining experiences that appeal to customers' sense of adventure. Each restaurant offers a high energy, fun and entertaining atmosphere coupled with genuinely hospitable service and exceptional, high-quality food.

With 23 restaurants currently operating under 8 concepts including The Southern Gentleman, Gyspy Kitchen, The Big Ketch, Chido & Padre's, The Blind Pig, Milton's, Beni's, and Tin Lizzy's, as well as some 5 projects planned for the immediate future, this is an exciting time for the company and for those that have helped reach this point. Along with this growth, comes the desire to add quality leadership to our teams to help pave the way for the future and benefit from each others mutual success.


Visit us online to learn more about Southern Proper Hospitality: www.sphospitality.com.

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