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  FAQ on Starchefs Jobfinder
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Frequently Asked Questions

 StarChefs.com JobFinder FAQ

General Questions
Your JobFinder Account
Your Job Search/Application
Employer FAQ
Ad Pricing/Payment Options
Payment Information
Editing and Posting Jobs


1) What is the StarChefs.com JobFinder? –The StarChefs.com JobFinder is the premier resource for food service industry employment on the web.

2) What is a Job Seeker? – If you are searching for a career in the food service industry, you are a Job Seeker.


3) How do I register for a Job Seeker Account? –To register for a Job Seeker account, click here: http://www.starchefsjobfinder.com/signup.php?s=-1&t=j

4) How much does a JobSeeker account cost? – A StarChefs.com JobSeeker account is free.

5) Help! I am not able to register. – First, make sure that you are entering a valid email address in the standard name@location.com format.

6) I am trying to register, but I keep getting the message that I already have an account. – Starchefs.com permits only one account per email address. Please be certain that you are entering the correct email address. If you receive the message that your email address is already registered with StarChefs, please make sure that you are trying to register and not log into your account.

7) Next, if you have previously registered but forgotten your password, please click here to have it emailed to you: http://www.starchefsjobfinder.com/help/forgotpass.php

Your JobFinder Account

8) I am trying to register but keep getting a message about my “work permit status” –what does this mean?- On page two of the Job Seeker profile, directly under the “Experience” section, there is an option to “Check here if you are authorized to work in the United States.”  In order to apply for most of the jobs on the StarChefs.com JobFinder, this box must be checked.

9) I am unable to log in. Help! – First check to be certain that your email address and password are correct. Next, please be sure that you are logging in as a Job Seeker and not as an Employer.

Your Job Search

10) How do I search for jobs? – To search for jobs, click here: http://www.starchefsjobfinder.com/index.php?s=-1&t=j

11) How do I apply for a position on StarChefs.com? – To apply for an open position on the Starchefs.com JobFinder, first you must be registered as a Job Seeker on StarChefs.com. Next, you must have a resume in your Job Seeker account. To post your resume on Starchefs.com’s JobFinder, log into your account and under the heading “My Account” choose the option to “Update Your Resume.”

12) How do I upload my resume? – To upload a resume, you must first be signed into your Job Seeker account. Next, choose the option under “My Account” to “Update Your Resume”. You will be presented with the option to “Upload an Existing Resume.” Choose this option if you have a resume saved as a document on your computer. Click “Browse” and choose your resume from your computer’s documents. If you are not able to upload your resume, you can cut and paste it into your profile.

13) How do I copy and paste my resume? – To copy and paste your resume, you must first be signed into your Job Seeker account. Next choose the option under “My Account” to “Update Your Resume.” You will be presented with the option to “Manually Enter (or copy and paste) Your Resume”.  Make sure the document is open on your computer, highlight and copy the text, and paste it into the white rectangle.

14) Can I create a resume on StarChefs.com? – StarChefs.com has a free resume building tool that will allow you to create a resume online. First, you must log into your StarChefs.com Job Seeker account. Next, choose the option under “My Account” to “Update Your Resume” and choose the option to “Use our online resume builder to provide a resume.” This tool will guide you through the process of creating a resume online.

15) Can I send StarChefs.com my resume? – StarChefs.com does not accept unsolicited resumes, and cannot forward resumes to the employers. To allow the maximum number of Employers to view your resume, StarChefs.com recommends that you create a Job Seeker account online and upload your resume. You will then be able to apply to available positions on the StarChefs.com JobFinder as well as be included, if you choose not to remain anonymous, in our resume database available to employers.

16) When employers view my resume on StarChefs.com, what do they see? – To view you resume and profile exactly how an employer will see it, first you must be signed into you StarChefs.com Job Finder account. Next, under the heading “My Account,” choose the option to “PREVIEW” either your resume or your profile. This view will display your resume and contact information exactly as an employer sees it on StarChefs.com.

17) How do I view my resume?
– To view your resume on StarChefs.com, you must first be logged into your StarChefs.com Job Seeker account. Next, under the “My Account” heading select “PREVIEW” next to “Update Your Resume.” You will be able to view your resume if it has been attached in your Job Seeker account.

18) What is a StarChefs.com Job Seeker Profile? – A Job Seeker profile contains contact information for the Job Seeker. A Job Seeker Profile is created by the Job Seeker when registering for a Job Seeker account.

19) Who can view my resume and Job Seeker profile? – If you have not chosen the option to remain anonymous, your resume and profile can be viewed by employers searching our JobFinder database. If you have chosen to remain anonymous, your information will only be available to employers with whom you have applied for a position.

20) How can I choose to be listed anonymously on the StarChefs.com JobFinder? – To remain anonymous on the StarChefs.com JobFinder, simply check the box on the second page of your personal Job Seeker profile that reads “I wish to remain anonymous.” Your profile and resume will be available only to employers who have received a job application from you.

21) How do I choose not to be listed anonymously on the StarChefs.com JobFinder? –To ensure that your profile and resume can be viewed by employers using our resume search, make sure that you have left the box “I wish to remain anonymous” unchecked. This will allow employers to view your resume and contact information even if you have not applied to their job posting.

22) How can I be sure that my application was received? – Once you have completed a JobFinder application on StarChefs.com, you will receive an automatic reply from Starchefs to confirm you that your application has been received. You may also view your “Application History” in your Job Seeker profile on StarChefs.com JobFinder. If the position appears in you application history, your application was received.

23) Can I contact companies on your site directly? –The positions on our site are available only through the StarChefs.com JobFinder. Once you have applied to a JobFinder position on StarChefs.com, your perspective employer will be notified by email. There is no need to contact them directly unless their JobFinder ad specifically includes instructions to do so.

24) How will I know that an employer is interested in an interview? – If you have applied to a job posting on StarChefs.com JobFinder and an employer wishes to contact you, they will do so directly and not through StarChefs.com, either by email or phone. The employer will contact you based on the information in your Job Seeker profile. StarChefs.com is not able to provide information on the status of your application with specific companies listed in our Job Finder.

25) How will a perspective employer contact me? – Employers will use the information found in each Job Seeker’s to profile to contact specific candidates.

26) Can StarChefs.com inform me of the status of my job application to one of the ads on StarChefs.com? – StarChefs.com cannot provide information on the status of any candidate’s job application under any circumstances.

27) How can I find out if StarChefs.com is hiring? – StarChefs.com posts all available office positions on the StarChefs.com JobFinder.

28) How can I get updates on jobs that fit my profile? – As a registered StarChefs.com JobSeeker, you can choose to receive employment Job Hound updates monthly, weekly, daily, or not at all. The StarChefs.com Job Hound will email you with updates based on the information in your JobSeeker profile, such as type of desired position and location. To edit your preferences, log into your JobSeeker account and choose the option to “Edit Your Profile” under “My Account.” At the bottom of the second page you will see options concerning communications from StarChefs.com.

Employer FAQ

How does the StarChefs’ JobFinder work? – The StarChefs.com JobFinder is the premier online classified job board for foodservice and hospitality professionals.

** JobSeekers apply to ads via the StarChefs.com JobFinder website, and an email notification is sent from StarChefs.com with the candidate’s profile, cover letter, and a link to their resume. Employers may also log in to their Employer accounts and view all current applicants.

Ad Pricing/Payment Options

1) How much does a StarChefs.com JobFinder Employer account cost? – Employer account registration is free of charge. Online ad postings are available for purchase.

2) How much does it cost to post an ad? – One 30-day posting costs $249, and posting packages are available. You can view the rates by using the navigational toolbar at the top of the JobFinder homepage and clicking on “Pricing” or by signing into your Employer account and choosing the option “Purchase Job Postings” under the “Administrate” heading. If you would like more information about our subscription service at reduced rates you may speak to one of our salespeople at 212-966-7575 or click here and fill out our subscription pricing request. Please note that StarChefs.com JobFinder subscriptions require a 12-month contract and terms and conditions apply.

**StarChefs.com JobFinder postings are non-refundable.

Payment Information

1) Can I be invoiced rather than pay by credit card? – StarChefs only invoices those customers who have subscription accounts. StarChefs will make exceptions on a case by case basis. Please click here to contact someone regarding invoicing.

2) What credit cards does the StarChefs.com JobFinder accept? – StarChefs.com accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express only. We do not accept Discover.

3) My credit card is being denied. – Please make sure that the billing address that automatically appears on in the payment window matches your actual credit card billing address, including the card holder’s name and zip code. Make sure you enter your credit card number with no spaces and expiration in MMYY format; for example if the expiration date is 08/31/06, enter “0806” only. Please make sure that your security code is correct.

4) I’m receiving an error message telling me to try my credit card again in 5 minutes. – To prevent fraud your credit card cannot be processed through our system more than once in a short period of time. Please wait at least five minutes and then try to make your purchase. If you still are having trouble you may call us at 212-966-7575.

5) Will I receive a receipt for my purchase?
– You will be emailed a receipt detailing your purchase. If you do not receive a receipt via email, please click here and request that one be emailed to you.

6) Are StarChefs.com JobFinder purchases refundable? – StarChefs.com JobFinder postings are non-refundable.

Editing & Posting Jobs

1) I’m in the process of purchasing a job listing but I don’t see where to submit the text of my ad.
– To create a posting on the StarChefs.com JobFinder, you must purchase a blank posting first, then compose your ad. Once you have purchased an ad you will be prompted to post your position.

2) I purchased a posting, but I want to post my ad tomorrow? Is that possible? – Purchased JobFinder postings will remain in your employer account for one calendar year from date of purchase. During this time you may post at your convenience.

3) I purchased a JobFinder posting, but it has been removed from my account. – If you feel that your posting has been deactivated before its termination date, please contact StarChefs.com at 212-966-7575 and we will review your account.

4) I posted my job but it still is showing as pending. Why? – Each StarChefs.com JobFinder posting is reviewed by our team. During this time, the job will appear as pending in your Employer account. The job remains in pending until we approve it. During regular business hours, approved postings are activated within one hour of submission.

** Posting activation during non-business hours may take additional time. Any time that your posting appears as pending will not count against the thirty-day posting period for your position.

5) I edited my job and it is no longer live. – Each time you edit an ad, StarChefs must reapprove it. During regular business hours, jobs are approved within one hour of submission.

6) I would like save my job posting and edit it before it is approved. How can I do that? – After you have completed any step in the posting process, you can choose the option to “Save as Draft” rather than the option to “Submit.” This allows you to return to you saved ad draft and edit it without the ad going live on the website. Please be sure to name your saved draft. Unnamed drafts may not be saved. To load a saved draft, sign into your account and choose the option to “Post a Position.” You will be offered the option to load a saved draft.

7) I saved my job as a draft. How do I find it? – Log-in to your employer account, click on Post a New Job, select the option 'Load a Saved Draft', click on to the next step, and choose which draft you would like to load.


1) How do I view my applicants’ profiles? – When logged in to your account, click on the “View Applicants” link next to the job you would like to view applicants for. You will see a list of all the applicants who have applied to that particular position. Click on the applicant name to view their profile and answers to your screening questions. At the bottom of the applicant profile page will also be a link to their resume.

2) How can I view applicants’ resumes? - When logged in to your account, click on the “View Applicants” link next to the job you would like to view applicants for. You will see a list of all the applicants who have applied to that particular position. Click on “View Resume” next to each applicant. The resume will pop up in a new window.

3) Can I search the StarChefs JobFinder resume database? – Access to our resume database is one of the benefits of having a JobFinder subscription. If you are interested in signing up for a subscription, click here to fill out our subscription pricing request form.

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